Everything You Need to Know About Our New Midsize Backpacks with 100% Waterproof Lining

With so many backpacks to choose from: “Why should I consider buying an Alimasy Midsize backpack?”

What a fantastic question and we are so glad you asked.

We would love to share with you why we think the Alimasy Midsize Backpack is the perfect bag for your toddler, Pre-schooler, Kindergarten or Prep child(ren) to use daily.

The Perfect Size

The Midsize backpack has been designed for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and preparatory children. The bag is large enough to carry all the essentials required by younger children, however not too big that it is not a comfortable fit or too heavy for children to carry.

Durable Materials Built to Last

The outer of the midsize backpack is constructed from our own personally selected heavy duty 600D polyester fabric which is one of the toughest fabrics on the market and exceptionally durable and hardwearing. It is perfectly suited for absorbing all the pressure of wear and tear arising from daily use as a kindy or school bag.

Our midsize kids’ backpacks are fully lined with 100% waterproof fabric. In addition to helping to keep everything inside their bag dry, the waterproof lining means you do not need to worry about carrying wet and dirty clothes or cleaning up any spills or leaks.

Spacious Design and Flexible Storage Options

With a spacious two large compartment design there is lots of space to store and organise everything they need for the day. You do not need to try and squash everything in one pocket as both compartments are large enough to separate their food and wet things from their clean dry clothes and books. A small, zipped pocket on the front of the bag provides quick access to small essential items which need to be close to hand and two deep elasticated side pockets are perfect for storing water bottles, wet umbrellas and rolled artwork outside the bag.

Easy for Young Children to Use

With children friendly double zips and easy to grip zip pullers, this bag is easy for young children to open and close.

Great Fit Every Time

With padded adjustable straps, this backpack is super easy to put on, take off and carry, and the midsize bag will grow with them. The straps are ergonomically designed to ensure a close and safe fit every time and maximum comfort.

Maximum Functionality and Minimum Weight

We have designed this bag to provide maximum functionality with minimum weight to provide a lightweight backpack option for toddlers and younger children. We have not added any unnecessary features to the bag which won't be used by young children and we have selected an extremely lightweight foam which provide effective padding in the base, back, straps and carry handle without adding weight. 

Fun Colourful On Trend Designs

Our Midsize Kids Backpacks are available in so many bright and colourful backpack designs, including exclusive Alimasy prints you will not find in other stores, and prints by Australian artist Kasey Rainbow. Did you know you can also get a matching 100% waterproof kids backpacks which are perfect for kids swim bags, sports bag, beach bags? Check out our 100% waterproof backpacks here.

What Age do you recommend the Midsize backpacks?

Our Midsize Kids Backpacks are designed to fit everything required by children at day care/playgroup and preschool/kindergarten and preparatory school. We recommend our larger school bags for primary school children.

For children aged 5-8 years you may wish to size up to our school bags as our backpacks are built to last a few years and they are likely to grow out of a Midsize backpack before they wear it out! 

Please share your feedback about our Midsize backpacks, we would love to hear from you. Tag us in our social media pages, leave a review or email us directly: hello@alimasy.com.au.

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