i=Change: Together we can all make a difference

We donate $1 to charity every time you purchase from Alimasy.

Alimasy is a small family business who cares about our local communities and is committed to contributing to society and causes which can make a real positive change to those who need it most.

The charities we have chosen to work with align with our core values and are working tirelessly to support the most vulnerable in our society and bring about positive change.

You can find out more about our chosen charities below:

  • The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is a national charity assisting people in our most marginalised communities to gain vital language, literacy, and communication skills. ALNF's specialised and innovative programs address the needs of a diverse range of individuals and communities – specifically targeting First Nations, refugee, and other vulnerable Australians.
We believe that literacy is freedom - literacy allows individuals to access education, participate meaningfully in our society and to have a voice. It is a basic human right.

  • Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue has been providing supports and services to people in Australia for 20 years. We are Australia’s most well-known and visited mental health organisation, focused on supporting people affected by anxiety, depression and suicide. We don’t ever take this position for granted nor do we rest on our laurels.

  • Foodbank

Foodbank restores hope to people who are struggling by rescuing and procuring food and groceries from farmers, manufacturers and retailers and making it available to charities around the country to provide to individuals and families in need. We also help children at school providing food for breakfasts to 2,890 schools nationally. When it comes to natural disasters, such as bushfires, floods and cyclones, Foodbanks is also there. Every State and Territory Foodbank is involved in disaster relief, providing essential supplies as well as giving ongoing assistance to affected communities during the months and years it takes to recover.

How Does it Work?

1. Simply make a purchase online via Alimasy.com.au
2. On completion you will be presented with our chosen charities
3. Select a cause close to your heart
4. We’ll donate $1 on your behalf.