Our Story

Hello and Welcome,

I’m Wendy Fleisher, wife and mother to two children aged 14 and 11 years old.

For many years prior to launching Alimasy, I sold kids backpacks sourced from leading brands all over the world in my own retail kids store in New Zealand. I had collated so much market knowledge and customer feedback about what makes a great backpack for the needs of preschool, kindergarten and school aged children, and I knew from experience there was a gap in the market for Alimasy. Now based in the Gold Coast, I am pursuing the dream!

Launching Alimasy though wasn’t just about designing a great backpack, it's about creating a brand to fix the problems customers experience with the children’s bag category.  

In recent years I have seen first-hand how the quality of children’s bags had been decreasing as more and more manufacturers choose to pursue the “make it cheaply as possible” approach. Yet at the same time prices of bags continued to rise in response to increased supply chain costs (particularly in relation to the covid19 pandemic). For manufacturers reliant on distributors to sell their products, this led to even higher prices being passed on to consumers with another layer of profit margin required in their business models. 

The result is the children’s bag category had become full of cheap bags which just don’t last, or over-priced bags with an equally short lifespan. Alimasy exists to fix this problem with high quality and reasonably priced bags. 

We stand 100% behind the quality of our all products by providing a lifetime warranty.

Family is my “WHY” and it naturally inspired our brand name “Alimasy”.  “Ali” comes from my daughter’s name Alisa, “mas” comes from my son’s name Thomas and “y” is from Family. Alisa has always drawn a heart on the letter “i” in her name, so we had to include this in the brand logo!

I really hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Alimasy. As a fellow parent, I know you could be doing a thousand other things right now, so I am truly grateful you have given up some of your precious time to visit our store and find out more about our brand and products.

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If you have any feedback or wish to contact me directly, please email me: wendy@alimasy.com.au

Much love,

Wendy x