Packing List - Kids Travel Bag

Last week we shared why a kid’s backpack makes the perfect kids travel bag. As promised, this week we share our top tips of what to pack in a kids travel bag or carry on for longer distance road trips, flights, and overland train trips.

1.  Favourite Digital Electronic Device & Power Bank (Digital Tablet, handheld game console, kindle). Some airlines really get it right when it comes to entertaining kids on flights with games, movies, cartoons, and fun play packs, however airlines aren’t all created equal and inevitably you will be waiting during a journey. Having a digital device to amuse children can be a lifesaver when travelling. If you are worried about the amount of screen time, only allow access during actual travel from A to B and lock devices away in the hotel safe when you aren’t on the move.

2.  Change of clothes including a pair of socks. Accidents will happen when travelling so having a spare set of clothes to change into will be so much easier than trying to clean clothes on the go or in a tiny airplane toilet. Remember to ensure travelling clothes and the spare clothes are darker coloured and/or patterned clothes which are less likely to show stains and everyday travel dirt. Save the white t-shirts for on holiday when you have access to a washing machine! Don’t forget to pack extra socks to keep their feet clean and warm if they want to take their shoes off on a long plane journey.

3.  Waterproof Fabric Wet bag (or similar). Waterproof wet bags are perfect for storing the spare set of clothes in a bag and then carry any dirt and wet clothes. When you get to your destination, you can simply empty the soiled contents and machine wash the clothes and the fabric wet bag altogether for the next journey.

4.  Tissues/wet wipes/ hand sanitiser. Let’s face it, children want to touch everything, and accidents can happen at any time with children! Keeping some wet wipes, tissues, and hand sanitiser close to hand will enable you to quickly deal with these moments. They are also great for keeping hand clean on the go when they want to eat and washing facilities aren’t available.

5.  Snacks. Children get tired and super hungry when travelling. Having some of their favourite snacks close to hand will prevent those breakdowns before they happen. Remember to check your destination rules about taking food into the country for overseas flights and be aware you may need to leave any uneaten snacks on the plane before disembarking.

6.  Kids headphones. Many airlines either don’t have child sized headphones, or often never have enough kids’ headphones onboard. We recommend wired kids headphones rather than wireless headphones which can be plugged in to the airline entertainment system and their digital devices. Bluetooth headphones are great for using with their digital tablets; however, remember Bluetooth wireless headphones will require a Bluetooth adapter/transmitter to use with the flight entertainment system.

7.  Paper, pens, and crayons/colouring pencils. When batteries run out or they are bored with the onboard entertainment system, some paper and pens/crayons can be a lifesaver and create lots of amusement. These will provide some many options for amusement from writing stories, drawing pictures, playing games (hangman, noughts & crosses etc,) and if the circumstances allow paper airplanes! We recommend you use twisty crayons and pencils which don’t require any sharpeners and create less mess!

8.  Lollipops. Take off and Landing can be harsh on young children’s ears. Having a lollipop or similar will ease their discomfort and help young children clear their ears. 

9.  Cuddly toy child sleeps with. Travelling can be very exciting for children and it can also be very stressful and tiring for some children. If your child has a favourite cuddly toy which provides them comfort and helps them sleep don’t forget to pack it in their travel bag, so it is close to hand.

10.  Medication (including some child appropriate painkiller). If your child needs day to day medication don’t forget to pack this in their travel bag to ensure it is accessible when required. Make sure you factor in any additional medication which may be required should you experience any unexpected delays travelling from A to B. Include some child appropriate painkiller in their travel bag too to ensure this is close to hand if required. If taking liquid medication on a flight in carry on, remember to check and comply with any applicable liquid restrictions.

11.  Small game/toys such as card game such as UNO, vehicles, stickers. A small game or toys such as little cars which can be played with individually or with friends/family can be a lifesaver when batteries run out on digital devices.

12.  Reusable water bottle. Ensure they keep hydrated on the go, save money, and do your bit for the environment by packing a reusable water bottle. Remember to empty the contents when heading through security! 

We hope you have an amazing time creating precious memories!