Taking Care of Your New Alimasy Kids Backpack

Taking Care of One of the Best Kids Backpacks in Australia is Super Easy.

Here are our top tips:

  • Carry the backpack with both straps – we know this sounds boring and one shoulder looks way cooler, however trust us your older self will thank you for this smart “uncool” decision. 
  • Tighten those shoulder straps baby! We know another “uncool” recommendation from the adults however let’s work on a happy spine by carrying the bag higher and closer to your back and shoulders rather than swinging the load from side to side as you walk or run. 
  • Don’t overload your backpack – if you can’t lift the backpack or easily close the zips you need another bag to share the load – hint, hint! Fact of the day: Did you know it is recommended children shouldn’t carry more than 10% of the body weight in a backpack? 
  • Carry the heaviest items in the pockets closest to your back and close to your waist and try to evenly distribute the load – why overload those gorgeous shoulders of yours, when you can make the backpack do the work for you? 
  • Remember any food spillages from lunchboxes or unpackaged food left in your backpack for a long period of time can potentially make the backpack dirty and very smelly – if you forgot to give the teacher an apple today, pop it in the fridge overnight. Trust us your backpack and the teacher will thank you tomorrow! 
  • When you aren’t out and about having the most amazing adventures with your backpack ensure you store your bag in a cool dry place and be sun smart by keeping it out of direct sunlight. 
  • Do not store your backpack when it is wet – trust us you really won’t like the smell if you do, and we guarantee no amount of flowery spray will fix that smelly mould problem. 
  • We get it accidents happen. If you need to spot clean your backpack, we advise you use a warm damp cloth and only use mild detergent. Now is not the time to try all the latest 101 best cleaning tips which popped up on your newsfeed earlier, so please do not bleach, tumble dry, dry clean, soak or iron your backpack. Remember if The Queen isn’t coming to visit, we don’t always need to pull out all the stops and the goal is to be mindful of protecting your favourite backpack! (NB: contact us for advice if The Queen is actually coming to visit and all the stops are REALLY required, or nothing short of a miracle is needed to fix the mess!)