This is not a drill - waterproof backpacks for kids (teens and adults) are here!

You may be asking “why do I need an Alimasy waterproof backpack?” and “what makes this backpack different to the other Alimasy Backpacks?”

These are great questions and we’re so glad you asked, as we would love to share with you more about our new waterproof backpacks.

Firstly, a little background

In a previous life, Wendy the founder of Alimasy owned a retail store selling backpacks and bags. Over the years Wendy would receive numerous requests for 100% waterproof bags for kids to use for wet activities and when the weather wasn’t playing ball. Searches worldwide were unfortunately fruitless – the world was only making water resistant bags for kids! 

Naturally knowing there was lots of demand for a waterproof bag which didn’t yet exist, this was one of the first bags Wendy designed for Alimasy.

For those who don’t already know, Wendy is a total bag addict. So, making the waterproof backpack in just one size for kids wasn’t an option!  A larger waterproof backpack has also been added to the range for use by older children, teens, and adults (including Wendy!)

Is it Waterproof or Water Resistant?

When we say waterproof, we mean waterproof!

We haven’t sneakily added waterproof in the bag title or description just to drive traffic to the Alimasy website, and then advise customers the bag is just water resistant. It really is 100% waterproof inside and outside!

Waterproof Outer

Every part of the outside of our waterproof bags possible has been made from a 100% waterproof durable and hard-wearing polyester (apart from the elasticated trim on the side storage pockets, the lower adjustable part of the strap and hanging hook). With a full waterproof outer, you don’t need to worry about the contents of the bag getting wet when the bag is placed on wet ground, or you are caught out in a downpour. The waterproof shoulder straps and waterproof back also mean there is no fabric on the back or straps absorbing water and making carrying the bag a wet and uncomfortable experience.

You can confidently put these bags down on any wet surface and the contents will stay dry.  

Waterproof Inner

The waterproof backpack is fully lined with 100% waterproof fabric inside the main compartment and front pocket. Not only does this provide double protection for your bag contents from any water and rain, but it also makes carrying wet and dirty clothes or cleaning up after any spills and leaks super easy.

Waterproof Zips

To really make sure we have got you covered, and your contents stay dry in the heaviest of downpours we have added easy to open waterproof zips to the main compartment and front pocket. For added convenience, the main compartment has a double waterproof zip.

The Perfect Size

Our waterproof backpack is available in 2 sizes: medium and large. The medium backpack is designed for younger children (approx. 8 years and younger) and the large backpack is designed for older children, teens, and adults. The medium bag is designed for children to fit a bath towel or kids size beach towel, togs, water bottle, snacks, and spare clothes. The large backpack is designed to fit a bath sheet or full-size beach towel with togs, water bottle, snacks, and spare clothes.

Spacious Design and Flexible Storage Options

With 1 large compartment and a front pocket design, there is plenty of space to store and organise everything they need for a day at the pool or beach, day trip or sports practice. The small front zipped pocket is perfect for quick access and storage of small essential items and 2 deep elasticated side pockets on the outside are great for storing water bottles and wet umbrellas.

A Great Fit Every Time

With padded adjustable straps, this backpack is super easy to put on, take off and carry. The straps are ergonomically designed to ensure a close and safe fit every time and maximum comfort.

Easy to Store or Pack as a Spare Bag

These backpacks make a great option as a day bag when travelling. We have only added foam padding to the base for essential protection of the contents and to the straps for maximum comfort, so the waterproof bags can easily be rolled or folded for easy storage or packed as a convenient spare bag when travelling.

The opportunities to use this bag when travelling is endless, however you no longer need to choose between taking a backpack or the wheeled suitcase as you can pack one of these waterproof bags in the suitcase to use as a kid’s club bag, pool/beach bag, shopping bag or day bag. They are also perfect to pack and have close to hand for storing any spare clothes or if changes are required the wet, soiled, and dirty clothing when travelling from A to B.

Cute fun colourful designs

Children love our bright and colourful on trend backpack designs. As well as exclusive Alimasy prints, we are excited to include multiple patterns by Australian artist Kasey Rainbow in our waterproof backpack range. Matching prints are also available in our midsize kids backpacks which can be found here.

Recommended uses for the Waterproof Backpacks

The waterproof backpacks would be suitable for use as a toddler bag or preschool bag with lighter loads such as spare clothes, nappies, small lunchbox, and water bottle, however they are not recommended for carrying heavy loads for longer periods of time or the everyday use as a school bag, particularly if carrying large and heavy lunchboxes, books and/or laptops/tablets.

Our waterproof backpacks are designed for carrying lighter loads such as clothes, towels and the essentials required for water-based day trips, sports, and activities. They also make a perfect wet bag for travelling and occasional daypack home and away.

We recommend purchasing one of our Midsize Backpacks or School Bags for the everyday school use.