Why did we choose Digital Printing instead of other printing methods?

A better environmentally friendly process.

We primarily chose to use digital printing for our backpacks as it is a more environmentally friendly process than the other fabric printing options.

Digital printing enables us to print only the exact amount of fabric we need to make each backpack. This means we do not create unnecessary fabric wastage.

As we are only printing the exact amount of fabric required, there is less chemical ink waste, less power consumption and less water used than other conventional printing methods such as screen printing.

Rather than using harsh chemicals or excessive amounts of water, digital printing uses temperature to seal the print into the fabric.


What other advantages are there from using digital printing?

At Alimasy, we believe life should be full of colour and fun. The bold and bright prints we use on our Alimasy children’s school bags and backpacks reflect these values. Digital printing provides the opportunity for us to print clear sharp printed fabric with an unlimited number of colours and more complex detailed designs, without losing any quality in the finished product.

With no printing plates required and fewer steps involved to set up and run the fabric print, digital printing will always provide a much higher consistency of print in terms of quality for unlimited print runs.

With clean sharp prints on each product guaranteed digital printing ensures customers can rely on our kids backpacks and bags always looking exactly like the print image and online photos and videos.

Customers can rely on the print lasting for a long time. Our prints will have an exceptionally long lifetime and will not easily fade over time (unless subjected to extreme conditions) as the digitally printed pattern is fixed onto the fabric with temperature.

We hope you enjoy the colourful and details patterns and prints we have selected for our Alimasy kids backpacks, school bags and travel bags.