How big are Alimasy backpacks and what size backpack should I buy?

How big are your backpacks and what size backpack should I buy?

We totally understand it can be tricky to buy some things online when size is important, particularly when buying for children.

We have created this sizing guide to hopefully help you understand how our bags are measured and what is the best size for you to buy.

Bag measurements:

On each product page we provide the actual measurements of our bags:



How are our bags measured?

The height and width of a backpack is measured using the back panel. The height is the measurement from the top of the bag to the bottom of the backpack, and the width is measured using the widest part at the back panel from left to right.

The depth of our backpacks is measured using the widest points of the backpack from front to back.

For bags with multiple compartments (our school bags and midsize backpacks) the depth measurement includes all compartments when empty. For our waterproof backpacks the depth is the actual size of the base of the backpack front to back as the front pocket is built into the main bag compartment.

TOP TIP: grab another backpack you have at home and measure the bag using our measuring framework provided above and compare it with our bag measurements to get a realistic idea about sizes. 

What are Alimasy Bags Size in terms of Volume/Litres?

We do not to measure our bags in terms of volume or litres as it is a very unreliable measurement and it can vary a lot depending upon which methodology is used, or which bag measurements are used.

Some luggage companies use the “fill” method to measure a bag volume in litres. The fill method involves measuring the bag volume by filling the bag with air, foam, beans, or balls. Each of these methods will provide different measurements in terms of volume.

Another methodology used to calculate bag volume is the use of a basic cubic formula using the bag measurements (volume= length x width x height). As most bags and backpacks are not equal in all their dimensions (for example the top of a backpack is usually not as wide as the base) this methodology is also rarely accurate.

At Alimasy we believe that the information we provide about our bags is always 100% accurate. Bag dimensions are truly the only legitimate and 100% accurate way to compare “apples with apples” when looking for a new bag or backpack.

How do our bags fit?

To give you an idea about fit and sizing we have added the age and height of our models and corresponding bag:

More images to follow soon!